Home Arts Needlecraft Magazine. Vol. XXVIII. March 1937. No. 7.

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Original publisher's multicolored wrapper with an illustration by Mary Sherwood Wright Jones of a woman walking with groceries and a pig; scrollwork below says, "To market, to market, to a buy a fat pig, home again, home again, dancing a jig." 10 1/2" x 13 1/4." Thirty-four pages, complete. Many black and white illustrations and advertisements throughout magazine, complete. Inside of front cover has a black and white advertisement for Listerine. On inside of back cover is a multicolored ad for "'Cosmos': The New Rainbow Quilt Blocks." On the back cover is a multicolored ad for Chesterfield cigarettes that appears to show a ship officer offering a cigarette to the captain. Page 9 has a comic-strip-style ad titled "Joys and Glooms" for Postum, a caffeine-free alternative to coffee. Pages and covers are very clean and intact. Address stamp in upper-left margin of front cover. A monthly magazine featuring sewing projects and ideas, the latest trends of the time, and home and life advice. The following are the articles in this issue: "News Flashes" from a Needle-Minded New Yorker, "Dramatic Effects Speedily Obtained: Table Mats and Glass Curtains of Coarse Filet Net Ornamented in Darning Done with a Lustrous Heavy Mercerized Cotton Thread" by Christine Ferry, "Rick Rackery: Uses an Old Medium in New and Fascinating Ways" by Eveline Johnson and Cecily Palmer, "Trifles for Trailers: Or Usable by Vacationists in Camps and Cabins Anywhere" by Nancy Cary and Marie E. Ivins, "March Food Talk: March Must Go On Like a Lamb, or There Will Be Snow on the Easter Bonnets" by Anne Pierce [recipes for Amazing Artichoke or Caper Sauce, various lamb recipes including Lamb Hash and Lamb Rolls, Wine Cake, Wine Icing, and Molasses Marble Cake], "Quiet and Comfort for Study and Relaxation" by Agnes Heisler Barton, "Diamond Sweater" by Isobel S. Fairey, "Trousseau Linens That Will Endure" by Christine Ferry and E. Marion Stevens, "Care of the Adolescent Complexion: Don't Trust Time to Overcome Pimples. They May Leave Mental as Well as Physical Scars" by Diana Trent, "If You Are Considering a Hookery Project" by Annie E. Burruss, "The Junior Needlecrafters" by Constance Eveylyn, "Wood Violets and Spring Clothes" by Marilyn Madison, "These Will Thrive with Little Care--" by F. F. Rockwell, "White House Quilt: Combining White with Pastels as Lovely as a Spring Bouquet," "Make Your Daily Round Easier" by Jane Wiswell, "Pompon Afghan" by Nancy Cary, "Pattern Service," "Small Wearables" designed by Agnes Cargill, and "The Piece Bag" by Una T. Richard.