The Modern Priscilla: A Fancy-Work Magazine. April 1909, Volume XXIII, No. 2.

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Original publisher's multicolored wrapper with an illustration by Charlotte Weber-Ditzler showing a woman who wears a dress and a pink ribbon in her hair and holds a bouquet of flowers. 10 1/4" x 14 1/8." Fifty pages, complete. Many black and white illustrations and advertisements throughout magazine, complete. Back cover has an ad for Cream of Wheat that shows a young girl looking up and smiling as she points at the Cream of Wheat chef shown in an illustrated newspaper or magazine with the caption, "I know that man." Pages are very clean and intact. The magazine has five small binding holes but they are limited to the left margin. The Modern Priscilla is a monthly magazine that was first published in 1887. It absorbed Everyday Housekeeping in 1912 and Home Needlework Magazine in 1917, and the magazine's run ended when it merged with Home Arts Needlecraft Magazine in 1930. Modern Priscilla covers various topics such as sewing and needlework projects, craft ideas, china painting, cooking recipes, home and life advice, the latest fashion trends of the time, and other aspects of domestic living. Fictional short stories are also included. The following are some of the articles and features in this issue: "Centrepiece of Lace and Embroidery" by Nellie Clarke Brown, "Bobbin Lace: Borders for Round Doilies and Centrepieces" by Ellen Lawrence, "Stenciling as Applied to a Girl's Room" [includes floral stencil designs], "A Group of Dainty Graduation Frocks," "A Bridal Shower" by Mary H. Northend [bridal gift ideas], "A Raffia Work Bag" by Nellie Clarke Brown, "Braided Linen Suit and Parasol," "Colored Study for Painting" by E. A. Page, "Embroidered Accessories," "Hostess and Guest" by Marjorie March, "Bridal Chamber Linen" by Inez E. Fox, "Embroidered Semi-Princesse Gown," "Helps for Housekeepers" edited by Sally Lunn, "Collars and Tie of Point Lace" by Nellie Clarke Brown, "Church Laces and Embroideries," "Priscilla Paper Patterns," "Embroideries for Spring" by Inez E. Fox, "A Lesson in Dressmaking: Fancy Stitches and Finishing Touches" by Martha Dean Hallam, "Raffia Table Mats" by Alice B. Muzzey, "Rickrack Braid Lace" by Ida R. Jones, "Stock in Irish Crochet" by T. A. Garibaldi, "When the Wedding Day Comes to Parents of Grown Children," "Priscilla's Dressing Table: Finishing Touches for the Bride-to-be and the Sweet Girl Graduate" by Annette Beacon, "Stenciled Wall Decoration" by Dorcas Greene [stencil designs], "Practical Articles in Cut Leather" by Inez E. Fox, "Mother and Child [includes parenting advice], "A Graduate's Luncheon Which May Be Adapted for a Wedding Breakfast" by Fannie Merritt Farmer [includes recipes], "Embroidered Towels," "The New Repousse Braid Work," and "Summer Sofa Pillows" by Nellie Clarke Brown.