The Modern Priscilla. April 1910, Volume XXIV, No. 2.

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Original publisher's multicolored wrapper with an illustration by Florence England Nosworthy of two young children looking at two newly hatched chicks. 10 1/4" x 14." Sixty-six pages, complete. Many black and white illustrations and advertisements throughout magazine, complete. Back cover has an ad for Cream of Wheat that shows two children eagerly watching the clock to see when they can eat Cream of Wheat; the Cream of Wheat chef stands in the background holding two small bowls of the porridge. Pages are very clean and intact. Five small binding holes on left margin of front cover. The Modern Priscilla is a monthly magazine that was first published in 1887. It absorbed Everyday Housekeeping in 1912 and Home Needlework Magazine in 1917, and the magazine's run ended when it merged with Home Arts Needlecraft Magazine in 1930. Modern Priscilla covers various topics such as sewing and needlework projects, craft ideas, china painting, cooking recipes, home and life advice, the latest fashion trends of the time, and other aspects of domestic living. Fictional short stories are also included. The following are some of the articles and features in this issue: "A Beautiful Imported Coat in Irish Crochet" by Lula M. Harvey, "New Pillows for Stenciling and Embroidery on the Colored Ramie Linen," "New and Original Work in Pierced Brass," "Beautiful Designs in Fashionable Braid Laces" by Nellie Clarke Brown, "China Painting: Poppy Decoration for Tobacco Jar" by Harriet Cushman Wilkie, "An Exquisite Lace Coat," "Crepe Paper Candle Shades" by Josephine Bruce, "Waist in Hedebo Embroidery" by Ethelyn J. Morris, "For the Bridal Chamber" by Catherine Lee Carter [patterns for bridal doily, pillow, and pincushion], "Two Handsome Prize Pieces" by Rose Richmond, "A General Talk on Corsets" by Clarice I. Wile, "Hostess and Guest" by Marjorie March, "Pretty Designs for Baby" by Louise Chamberlayne, "Oriental Drawn Work for Towels" by Flora L. Nickerson, "Handsome Centrepices" by Virginia Sheppard, "With Pineapple in It" by Fannie Merritt Farmer, "A Group of Dainty Jabots" by Anna Bedford, "Cut Leather Novelties" by Ethelyn J. Morris, "The Bridal Trousseau" by Mrs Hallam, "Priscilla Fashion Department" by Mrs. Hallam, "Novelties in Raffia Crochet" by Alice Gibson, "Bierdermeier Embroidery and Lace" by Rose Richmond, "Spring Lovely Spring" [full page of sheet music], "Mother and Child" [parenting advice], "Initials in Block Crochet" by Catherine Lee Carter, "Handkerchief Border in Maltese Crochet" by Lula M. Harvey, "Scarf in Maltese Crochet and Knot Stitch" by Maud D. Burks, "A Pretty Tatted Hat" by Gwen Keys, "Squares in Darned Filet" by Mae Y. Mahaffy, "Priscilla's Dressing Table: A New Beautifier" by Annette Beacon, "Three Sytlish Belts" by Lucia Noble, and "Household Stencils" [models for stenciled home accessories and an accompanying page of illustrations in color].