The Modern Priscilla: Fall Fashion Number. October 1911, Volume XXV, No. 8.

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Original publisher's multicolored wrapper with an illustration of a woman sitting on an ornate chair and wearing a fancy hat, dress, and necklace. 10 1/4" x 14." Sixty-six pages, complete. Many black and white illustrations and advertisements throughout magazine, complete. Back cover has an ad for Cream of Wheat that shows two children eating Cream of Wheat at a table with a sunrise visible through a window. Pages and covers are very clean and intact. Five small binding holes on left margin of front cover. The Modern Priscilla is a monthly magazine that was first published in 1887. It absorbed Everyday Housekeeping in 1912 and Home Needlework Magazine in 1917, and the magazine's run ended when it merged with Home Arts Needlecraft Magazine in 1930. Modern Priscilla covers various topics such as sewing and needlework projects, craft ideas, china painting, cooking recipes, home and life advice, the latest fashion trends of the time, and other aspects of domestic living. Fictional short stories are also included. The following are some of the articles and features in this issue: "Knitted Coat Sweater and Pointed Hood: Snug Garments for Outdoor Winter Sports" by S. C., "Tulip Chocolate Set" by Maud H. Baker and Harriet Cushman Wilkie [china painting instructions], "Irish Crochet Neckwear: A Page of Christmas Suggestions," "When Your Girl Goes to the City: A Talk to Mothers" by Clara E. Laughlin, "Gesso or Painting in Relief: A Form of Craft Work Which Is New to Many" by N. M. Pairpoint, "Embroidery Stitches and Methods of Work: Ninth Article" by Mrs. Archibald H. Christie, "Furniture Building in the Home: A Page of Christmas Suggestions" by Harry A. Packard, "Some Pretty Novelties in Bead Work" by Belle Robinson, "Household Embroideries" by Catherine Lee Carter, "Hostess and Guest" by Marjorie March, "Kindergarten in the Home: Busy Work for October" by Jane Arnold, "Crocheted Bridge Jacket" by Lilian H. Wales, "Helps for Housekeepers" edited by Sally Lunn, "First Prize Awards in the Recent Babies' Wear Competition," "The Children's Hour: Stories for the Little Ones" by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, "A Charming Negligee or House Jacket" by Inez Fox, "Priscilla Fashion Department: Peerless Patterns," "Just for Two" by Fannie Merritt Farmer [recipes], "Embroidered Cloaks for Infants," New Wood-Bead Embroidery," "Stenciled Matting Rugs: Work Which Children Can Do" by Mira Burr Edson, "Mother and Child" [parenting advice], "Knitted Suit for a Boy," "The Psyche Twist: A New Hairdressing That Is Graceful and Womanly," "Priscilla's Dressing Table: Why Not Have Perfect Teeth?" by Annette Beacon, "Marketing the Home Woman's Product: Prominent Exchanges of New York City" by Mary Madeline Wood, and "Embroidered Christmas Gifts" by the Priscilla Department of Design.