The Modern Priscilla: 25th Anniversary Number. February 1912, Volume XXV, No. 12.

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25th anniversary issue with an introduction that gives a brief history of the magazine. Original publisher's multicolored wrapper with an illustration of a woman in side profile wearing a red hair ribbon and red, black, and white dress and knitting a garment that matches the colors of her outfit. 10 1/4" x 14." Fifty-eight pages, complete. Many black and white illustrations and advertisements throughout magazine, complete. Back cover has an ad for Colgate's Talc Powder. Pages and covers are very clean and intact. The Modern Priscilla is a monthly magazine that was first published in 1887. It absorbed Everyday Housekeeping in 1912 and Home Needlework Magazine in 1917, and the magazine's run ended when it merged with Home Arts Needlecraft Magazine in 1930. Modern Priscilla covers various topics such as sewing and needlework projects, craft ideas, china painting, cooking recipes, home and life advice, the latest fashion trends of the time, and other aspects of domestic living. Fictional short stories are also included. The following are some of the articles and features in this issue: "A Round Collar in Cluny Lace" by Ellen Lawrence, "Punched Embroidery: Original Designs with Lesson for Working" by Lilian Barton Wilson, "How to Imitate Indian Baskets: Fifth Lesson in Basketry" by Sallie E. Fitzgerald, "Home Metal-Craft: IV. Working and Application of Bar Metals; Coloring" by De Witt C. Van Note and Grace Deane Hopper, "Wild Flower Studies for China Painting" by Jessie I. Williams and Harriet Cushman Wilkie, "Crocheted Jabots" by Lula M. Harvey, "Embroidered Waists with Inserts of Irish Crochet" by Anna Wuerfel Brown, "The Newest Cross Stitch" by Virginia Sheppard, "Interlacing Stitch: An Interesting Form of Oriental Embroidery" by Mrs. Volney M. Spaulding, "Netted Centrepiece and Doily" by Mary Fitch, "Cut Work Embroidery" by Catherine Lee Carter, "Doily with Tatted Border" by Jessie M. De Witt, "Hedebo Centrepiece," "Decorative Covers for Books and Magazines" by Nellie M. Pairpoint, "Embroideries for the Living Room" by Christine Ferry, "Priscilla Fashion Department: Peerless Patterns," "Rambler Rose Centrepiece," "Child's Crocheted Muff Set" by Sarah T. Converse, "Plate Doily in Fayal and Mexican Drawn Work" by Mae Y. Mahaffy, "Valentine Cards" by Alethea Warren, "Stenciled Sash Curtains," and "Carriage Set for Baby" by Inez Redding.