The Modern Priscilla: Fancy Work and Everyday Housekeeping. December 1912, Volume XXVI, No. 10.

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Original publisher's multicolored wrapper with an illustration of Santa Claus holding a bag of gifts and stocking over a girl sitting in a chair and sewing. 10 1/4" x 14." Sixty-two pages, complete. Many black and white illustrations and advertisements throughout magazine, complete. Back cover has an ad for Baker's Cocoa. Pages and covers are very clean and intact. The Modern Priscilla is a monthly magazine that was first published in 1887. It absorbed Everyday Housekeeping in 1912 and Home Needlework Magazine in 1917, and the magazine's run ended when it merged with Home Arts Needlecraft Magazine in 1930. Modern Priscilla covers various topics such as sewing and needlework projects, craft ideas, china painting, cooking recipes, home and life advice, the latest fashion trends of the time, and other aspects of domestic living. The following are some of the articles and features in this issue: "Sailor Collar in Irish Crochet" by Anna Wuerfel Brown, "Embroideries for the Church" by Lilian Barton Wilson, "Handkerchiefs and Bags Which Can Be Made at Home" by Wilson, "Christmas Embroideries for the Baby" by Wilson, "Easily Made Embroideries for the Little Girl" by Wilson, "Jabots in Tatting" by Gwen Keyes, "Christmas Suggestions" by M. Alethea Warren, "Braided Crepe Paper" by Elizabeth Parker, "Entertaining at Christmas-Tide" by Marjorie March, "Wall Paper in Fancy Work" by Mary H. Northend, "Crochet and Bead Purses," "Christmas Bags," "Brassieres or Corset Covers" by Catherine Lee Carter, "Wind Cap and Scarf in Maltese Crochet" by Maud D. Burks, "Simple Tooled Leather" by W. H. McCuin, "Collar and Cuff Set in Macrame Crochet" by Anna Wuerfel Brown, "New Year's Post Cards" by Agnes M. Choate, "Bridal Set of Embroidered Linen" by Evelyn Chase, "The Home Dressmaker: Preparing the Baby's Wardrobe" by Cathleen Cameron, "Priscilla Fashion Department: Peerless Patterns," "Handsome Library Set in Punched Work," "'Everyday Housekeeping': Christmas in Many Lands," "The Cost of Keeping House" by Helen Louise Johnson, "Helps for Housekeepers," "'For Man Must Eat': Hints to the Beginner [by Mrs. Cecil Stone]; Some New Stuffings for the Christmas Turkey [by Georgia Waters]," "A Santa Claus Dinner" by Rosamond Lampman, "Desserts, Hold Cold and Frozen" by Fannie Merritt Farmer, "Home-Made Sweets" by Helen Van Derveer, "Making Men and Women of the Boys and Girls" by Anne Shannon Monroe, "The Oyster in the Cookery: How It May Reduce the Cost of Living" by Fannie Merritt Farmer, "The Home Beautiful: The Parlor" by Dorothy Verrill, "The Priscilla Juniors," and "Health and Beauty: Wrinkles and Massage" by Mrs. C. Eleanor Mather.