Original Collection of Materials Related to the North Lily Mining Company

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Original collection of materials related to the North Lily Mining Company including six pamphlets, three typed letters signed, and one stock receipt. Materials are printed on different types of paper. 1929-1938. Pamphlets measure 7" x 10." Letters vary slightly in size but are about 8 1/2" x 11" as a whole. Page length of the documents vary, but the pamphlets are no more than a few (unnumbered) pages and the letters are printed on one side. The materials are clean and intact overall. One letter has a split at the edge along a fold line. The two other letters are pinned together with the receipt; there is slight rust from the pin which barely affects text (text is still readable). Pamphlets have a vertical fold line at the center. The pamphlet from 1929 comes in dark gray outer wrappers with (faded) gilt lettering on the front but the interior pages are separated from the covers. Front cover has a hole on front measuring 2" x 3/4." The 1929 pamphlet is the only one with staple binding which has rusted but does not affect text. The first page of this pamphlet has some residual marks, possibly from moisture, at the bottom margin not affecting text. The 1935 pamphlet has a financial document attached to it with a pin and has dampstaining in the upper-left corner not affecting text. The attached document has fairly significant splitting but no parts are missing. The pamphlets are annual statements for the North Lily Mining Company spanning years 1929, 1932, 1934, 1935, 1937, and 1938. The statements each list the address of the North Lily Mining Company office and the officers, directors, and transfer agent on the front cover (or first page for the 1929 statement). The interior pages include a note to stockholders and a summary of the company's assets, liabilities, capital stock, and surplus. The letters are addressed to Paul Shaffrath from the North Lily Mining Company and Foreman & Company and are typed on the companies' stationery. One of the Foreman & Company letters is signed by the company president; the other by the C. O. The North Lily Mining Company letter is signed by the transfer agent. The receipt is from Foreman & Company and includes Shaffrath's purchase of stock in the North Lily Mining Company. One of the Foreman & Company letters is dated 1932 and answers an inquiry Shaffrath had about Radio Keith Orpheum Common stock. The receipt and the other Foreman & Company letter are both dated May 1933. The 1933 Foreman & Company letter acknowledges receiving a payment from him. The letter from North Lily Mining Company discusses stock shares that were transferred to Shaffrath's wife, Louise Shaffrath, and that it is unclear when the company will reopen. The following is an excerpt from this letter: "North Lily Mining Company has been inactive for some time past, and it would be impossible for us to say when operations will be resumed. We known nothing of any merger with the Chief Consolidated Mining Company. During the year 1931 the International Smelting Company which holds the controlling interest in North Lily Mining Company, purchased certain claims from the Chief Consolidated Mining Company, but the transaction was an entirely separate one from any connection with the North Lily Mining Company." The North Lily Mining Company was founded in 1916 as a subsidiary of Anaconda Company from 1925-1949, and during this time, the company specialized in mining metals such as gold, silver, copper, zinc, and lead in the Tintic Mining District of Utah. In 1988, North Lily and International Mahogany operated a small heap leach tailing recovery project in which gold and gold equivalent were extracted in Silver City, Utah. From 1991-1998, North Lily and Mahogany operated the Tuina copper project in Chile, South America. In 2000, North Lily announced plans to cease operations in the mining business and acquire loanmining[dot]com, an online mortgage lender based in Denver, Colorado.