Original Envelope - 1856 Presidential Campaign of John C. Fremont

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Original envelope from the 1856 presidential campaign. Envelope is unused. Printed on beige and blue paper. Illustrated portrait of John C. Fremont on the front. 5 1/2" x 3 1/8." Printed at the top on the back of the envelope: "Manufactured by Reagles & Co., 1 Chambers St., N. Y." Envelope is very clean and intact overall. Paper is fragile with some chipping at the edges. Paper is also browned and has a few small spots of discoloration on the front. A Very Good copy. An official, unused campaign envelope for the 1856 presidential campaign of John C. Fremont. Fremont was the first Republican nominee for President of the United States. The Republican Party had been formed two years prior in 1854 to combat the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the expansion of slavery. Fremont was a supporter of abolition. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was the central issue of the 1856 election because it nullified the Missouri Compromise and allowed the admittance of more slave states. The Missouri Compromise had halted the establishment of slave states above a certain latitude in the North, but the Kansas-Nebraska Act overturned the Missouri Compromise by allowing states to decide whether or not they were to be free or slave states. In the end, Democratic nominee James Buchanan won the election.