Real Photo Post Card: Untitled

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Original black and white photo postcard with sepia tones. No date, circa 1932-1936. There are two dates stamped in purple ink on the back, January 18, 1932 and January 8, 1936. 5 1/2" x 3 1/2." Postcard is unused. Postcard is very clean and intact overall except for a pinhole at the top and a few smudges on the back. A Very Good copy. This postcard shows students and faculty posing for a group portrait in front of the Newton Booth School in Sacramento, California. Newton Booth School is named after the businessman and politician, Newton Booth (1825-1892). Booth served as the 11th governor of California and as a United States Senator from California. Newton Booth School was a private school that opened during the 1920s. The school closed in the 1970s due to the lack of earthquake retrofitting. However, the building underwent renovations in 1984 and housed a consulting office until 2007. The building became vacant again and another private school, Merryhill School Midtown, stepped in to make further renovations to the building. Merryhill School Midtown became the new occupant and opened its door in 2013. The school is still open to this day.