Dennison's Perfumed Sealing Wax Set.

By: Dennison Manufacturing Company

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Condition: Very Good

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Original Dennison's sealing wax kit in a hinged box covered in a white leather texture. Includes six sticks of wax, one candle, and one seal. No date, circa 1930s-1950s. Box measures 5 3/4" x 4." Sticks have the diameter of a crayon or pencil but are of varying lengths. Candle measures 3." Seal measures 2 3/4." Perfume is not noticeable and may have faded with time. Each wax stick is used and cracked in at least one place, but each is intact overall. Candle is very clean and intact but possibly used. Seal is virtually pristine and intact. Box is clean and intact overall but has several marks and rubbing on exterior and some patches of an oily or waxy substance on paper-covered interiors (mostly limited to a laid-in, paper-covered panel on inside of box lid). This paper-covered panel has a former owner's gift inscription in black ink. A Very Good set. A unique and beautiful item, this boxed set comes with six sealing wax sticks in different colors. This set comes used. Also includes a candle made of white wax and a personalized seal with a metal tip reading the initials, "AF," and a black handle. Small hole in box, possible for holding the candle. The wax sticks come in the following colors: pale orange, clear amber with sparkly glitter, bubble-gum pink, pale moss green, medium moss green, and dark blue. The sticks that were used the least were amber and the greens. The two sticks of green wax each measure about 4." Amber stick is 3 3/4." Orange stick is 3 1/4." Pink stick is 3." Blue stick is 2 1/2." The Dennison Manufacturing Company was founded in 1844 by Aaron Dennison as a paper products manufacturer. The company was later based in Framingham, Massachusetts. In 1990, Dennison merged with Avery International to become Avery Dennison. Avery is still in business to this day as an office products manufacturer.