Original Printed Publicity Photograph/Flyer, Sacramento, 1935-1936 - "Fox Hippodrome Starts Saturday; Will Rogers in 'In Old Kentucky' ... also Jack Benny in 'It's in the Air"

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Original flyer featuring a printed color photograph of Will Rogers on front, who faces views with a smile. This is a head shot, and he wears a suit and tie. The front of the illustration has a facsimile signature of the famous actor, reading, "Yours, Will Rogers." Information is printed on back for an upcoming Will Rogers movie and another starring Jack Benny to be shown in downtown Sacramento, California. No date, circa 1935-1936. 8" x 10." Flyer is clean and intact overall but has clipping limited to the margins and a few stains near the bottom edge on back (mostly limited to back; little to no staining visible on front). A Very Good copy. Will Rogers (1879-1935) was an American stage performer, film actor, comedian, and author. He became well-known for his witty commentary and humorous quips about society. Rogers was a prolific writer and authored numerous newspaper and magazine articles. He wrote frequently for the New York Times and the Saturday Evening Post. This flyer promotes two upcoming movies, one of which is In Old Kentucky (1935), starring Will Rogers and other actors. This was Rogers's last film. The flyer also advertises the comedy film, It's in the Air (1935), starring Jack Benny and others. The back of the flyer has the following printed text: "Fox Hippodrome Starts Saturday; Will Rogers in 'In Old Kentucky,' His Last and Greatest Picture; also, Jack Benny in 'It's in the Air'; Park you car at the C. & S. Garage, 11th Street between J & K; Theatre Parking, 15c."